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Fee For Services

10 % of tax will be added to the following fee.

Filing fee will be added when needed.


Consultation :

   Free for Initial 30 minutes,

   thereafter 5,000 yen per 30 minutes

●Drafting and Reviewing of Business Contract:

   starts at 30,000 yen (depend on the quantity)

●Negotiations in/out of the Court :

   Initial Fee starts at 100,000 yen

   Success Fee starts at 100,000 yen

   Litigation fee is calculated based on

   the amount of the economic value of each case

●Application for Permission and Approval:

    Initial Fee starts at 100,000 yen

    Sucess Fee stants at 100,000 yen

●Appeals against Decisions of Rejection, Trials for Invalidation 
    and Post Grant Oppositions : 
  Initial Fee starts at 100,000 yen 

    Success Fee starts at 200,000 yen

Payment Methods


Available payment methods are as follows.


- Cash 
- Bank Transfer (RESONA Bank)
- PayPal 


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